Inspiration for Alpha: Meet Harry and Sally

Harry (left) and Sally (right)


My partner and I (never having dogs as kids) adopted two dogs from the nearby animal shelter in 2017.  They were two small terrier mixes – we named them Harry and Sally.

After a number of walks, I noticed them sniffing around and marking their smell all throughout the neighborhood, I started to notice a parallel to area control board games.

  • Dogs mark their smell to assert some form of “presence” in the neighborhood
  • Dog tend to mark the same spot
  • Harry would (90% of the time) immediately mark after (and over) Sally’s spot

More and more, I began to see similarities with how dogs mark spots to how an area control board game works.

  • Dogs characteristically likes to asset dominance over other dogs
  • Dogs have the pack mentality and have a sense of hierarchy (the “alpha” dog)

Eventually, this served as the catalyst for Alpha.  Even to this day, I look towards Harry and Sally’s behavior as a guide to Alpha.  So far, it’s been great!


Harry likes to sun bathe


Untitled (1)

More sun bathing

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