Moving to Facebook

Thanks for checking in on these updates. I decided to move updates and communications to Facebook.  Main reasons were: Easier to set up groups and pages for communication Friends and connections are on Facebook Links below.  See you on Facebook!   Alpha Board Game Official Group Alpha Board Game Page          ... Continue Reading →

Friendsgiving Prototype Playtest (Alpha)

I had a really time at a Friendsgiving - food, good company, and playtesting! Alpha has gone through a lot of change since Gen Con (August 2018).  It was fun playing it with friends. Thanks Henry, Anita, and Sally for playing!   Thanks Anita and Sally!   Thanks Henry!

Weekly Protospiel (UPDATE)

It's been almost 12 weeks since I've been hosting Weekly Protospiels around the mid-Peninsula area in the Bay Area (Burlingame/San Mateo/Redwood City). So far... it's been awesome! We've played over 10 games We've played card games, dice rolling games, tabletop games, party games About one new person each meeting It's definitely something I will continue. ... Continue Reading →

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