You’re an aspiring travel vlogger, trying to get the most subscribers and traffic for your video channel.  You travel the world, create videos, follow trends, and sell merchandise.

The vlogger with the most subscribers and views wins!

Vlogger [working title] is a “manufacturing”-style board game, where players create “videos” through interesting mechanisms: “time management” and “trending”.

With “time management”, videos take ”time” to collect and edit, before getting uploaded to score subscribers and views.  Other actions take “time” as well, from chartering flights to working with advertisers.  

With “trending”, there are world trends (e.g. food from Asia, adventure in Europe) that score additional subscribers and views.  However, these are constantly changing.

Success in this game by managing your “time” effectively.



2–5 Players
Best: 4
60–90 Min
Playing Time
Age: 12+ Weight: 3.50 / 5

‘Complexity’ Rating



Type Category Mechanisms



Industry / Manufacturing



Time Management




Variable Player Powers

Set Collection

Area Movement




More Details (pitch and description purposes)

  • Unique scoring system: the number of posted videos affect the number of subscribers, which eventually affects your internet views.  This kind of layered scoring makes gameplay different than other games.
  • Posting a certain number of video unlocks more space on your “player board”, opening up additional space for production
  • Set Collection mechanic: Videos vary by location, type (e.g. adventure or food), varying the ways players can score internet views
  • Partnerships mechanic: incorporate collabs



Vlogger Finances

Travel Talk

Budgeting and Solo Travel



Inspiration for the Game

Ronald Melencio’s interest in travel started when he studied abroad in Japan, both in high school and in college.  Throughout his adult life, Ronald travels abroad at least once a year (sometimes even multiples times in one year).  To prepare him of his travels, Ronald spends many hours online watching videos of real Vloggers who travel the world (many as their primary job).  His partner, also an avid traveler, enjoys traveling abroad even more. Their neighbor watches their two 10-year-old dogs whenever they travel together.

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