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Anyone who ran an ultramarathon race (more than 26.2 miles) will say: “it’s less about getting first place… and more about FINISHING THE RACE AT ALL!” In an ultramarathon trail race (50 miles+), you succeed by getting through various trail terrains, all while keeping your stats healthy, as you aim to complete (and survive!) this long-endurance run.

Trail Runner [working title] is a quick hand management and pattern matching game.

Players will play cards, enabling them to progress throughout the race. However, the cards will affect their stats (heart rate and cadence). Moreover, they will need to worry about terrain (mud, dirt) and elevation. They need to get through these challenges, while managing their stats as they stay ahead of the pack.

In the end, the person who not just completed the race, but was most skilled throughout the run WINS!



2–4 Players
Best: 4
30–45 Min
Playing Time
Age: 10+ Weight: 1.50 / 5
‘Complexity’ Rating



Type Category Mechanisms



Card Game


Hand Management

Pattern Matching






Inspiration for the Game

Ronald Melencio loves to run.  Always running on roads since he was 12, he just got into trail running much later in life.  And he loves it! He found these as a catalyst to create this game.

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