Inspiration for Vlogger: Meet Rob


Me and Rob in Sagrada Família


I’ve always enjoyed travel – I’ve been to Japan a few times (since high school).  But my enjoyment of travel never really took off until Rob.

Rob is an avid traveler, and we take it upon ourselves to go out and explore the world: hiking the Swiss Alps, or exploring the streets of Seoul.  Travel was a great way to celebrate diversity in the world, learn and appreciate other cultures, and enjoy the food!

Watching travel vloggers on YouTube became such a great way to gain that knowledge, not just for travel, but just for general knowledge.  What to expect if you go to Rome, or what kinds of street foods to choose from in Mumbai.



Chamonix (France)


Acknowledging a lot of the great work travel vloggers do, and the time and effort they put in to generate such amazing (and informative) content, this served as the catalyst for this game.

With what vloggers have to think about on a constant basis (what’s popular now?  where should I go?  how to create my community) – these are the types of feelings and decisions I’d love Vlogger to invoke.  I hope that reaching out to real vloggers for feedback would make Vlogger a great game!

Check out the YouTube videos for Vlogger’s progress!



Porto (Portugal)

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