Five Hours of Audio Feedback

I finished combing through five hours of audio recording.  Got some great feedback.

Looking forward to incorporating your thoughts into the game!


Notable folks:

  • Nate
  • Keith, Joddie, and Tony
  • Cole (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • Cothron (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Sebastian (Toledo, Ohio)
  • David
  • Sandra (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Shaun (Tampa, Florida)
  • Vaya (Curaçao)


Highlights from Alpha

  • Since the board is modular, combining the terrains better varies the game play.
  • The area control benefit can be global (across the entire board) or local (only to the specific area).  This might be a bad and inconsistent experience for the player.
  • Using dice for some walkers isn’t as exciting (for the player) as expected.  Using a walk deck can give players a better experience.

Highlights from Vlogger

  • Incorporating timed assignments might make the game play more interesting.
  • The tile placement mechanic (of placing posted videos) doesn’t feel right.
  • Game play might be better with a different theme: changing from “independent bloggers” to “competing bloggers in an organization”.



Work Setup at Home


Lots of Audio and Notes

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